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91 module PCMflash (CRD3 / CRD3P Mercedes-Benz)

91 module PCMflash (CRD3 / CRD3P Mercedes-Benz)

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Software module for working with Delphi CRD3 / CRD3P ECUs installed on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
To use the module, you need to purchase a USB dongle. The key can be purchased in our store. You can purchase an unlimited number of modules with one key.
Which vehicles and control units is the 91 PCM FLASH module designed for:
Mercedes-Benz CRD3/CRD3P FLASH [RD/WR/CK]
Mercedes-Benz CRD3/CRD3P EEPROM [RD/WR/CK]

It supports work through the diagnostic connecto"on the bench". Reading, writing, checksum verification and correction are supported. ECU cloning is possible.

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