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95 module PCMflash (Toyota/Lexus gen 4)

95 module PCMflash (Toyota/Lexus gen 4)

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Software module to work with Denso ECU with microcontroller R7F702002, installed in Toyota and Lexus cars with 3.5T (V35A-FTS) and 2.4T (T24A-FTS) gasoline engines from model year 2022 (Toyota Tundra/Tundra Hybrid/LC300/Highlander, Lexus NX350/RX350/LS500/LX600).

Reading and writing of the ECU is supported when directly connected to its connector (no opening required).

To use the module, you need to purchase a USB dongle. The key can be purchased in our store. You can purchase an unlimited number of modules with one key.

The module :

  • LC300/LX600/Tundra 3.5T P5-UDS (V35A-FTS/R7F702002)[[b]RD/WR/NC]

  • LS500 3.5T P5-UDS (V35A-FTS/R7F702002) [RD/WR/NC]

  • Tundra 3.5T HV P5-UDS (V35A-FTS/R7F702002) [RD/WR/NC]

  • NX350/RX350/Highlander 2.4T P5-UDS (T24A-FTS/R7F702002) [[b]RD/WR/NC]

VR - virtual reading, RD - reading, WR - writing , CK - verification and checksum correction, NC - checksum not used.

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