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Boot / bench cable

Boot / bench cable

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Universal 53 & 71 module cable (boot/bench) for Scanmatik 2 Pro

The adapter has reverse polarity protection

Power supply indicator (green),
Power supply for ECU indicator (red),
Boot mode indicator (blue).
Automatic power supply switching for ECU by (L-line)

Automatic generation Boot (2 pc.) and CNF(for 53 module).

Boot cable PINOUT:

red +12V (1 big connector(2.5mm) и 2 small connectors)
black GND (1 big connector (2.5mm)
и 1 small connector)
white CAN H (1 small connector)
green CAN L (1 small connector)
yellow + black line (with green shield) K-Line(1 small connector)
yellow GPT1(1 small connector)
orange GPT2(1 small connector)
violet VPP

blue CNF1(for 53)( crocodile terminal, 1KOhm)
grey boot1(for 53)( crocodile terminal, 1kOhm)
brown boot2(for 53 )( crocodile terminal, 1kOhm)

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